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The Fluff Above team

Pet parents who redefine the culture of farewell

Fluff Above is not just a memorial products with a modern aesthetic. We created the brand to help pet parents cope with the loss of their beloved companions with a product that meets their needs and brings a little beauty to their lives.

Our life's journey led us to the creation of Fluff Above:

- We have been in the pet industry for 5 years developing an independent online pet store. We see how lovingly and meticulously people choose pet products for their furry children, but when it comes to the farewell pet product - the pet urn - they encounter gloomy, dark, low-quality products that they would not wish on their cat or dog who passed away.

- Each member of our team is a pet parent with experience of love and loss, so we carefully consider aspects that other manufacturers hardly pay attention to: will the process of pouring the ashes bring additional pain? Will the ashes crumble if the urn falls? Will the urn get damp if it gets wet? How will the urn look in the interior? Will it be pleasant to touch? Will it last 10-20-50 years?

We have answered all these questions in our LLUMI urn.

Our Team Our Team Our Team


Co-Founder of Fluff Above

10+ years in e-commerce, 5 years in the pet industry. Member of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs

“We want to change the paradigm from sadness to gratitude and respect for our companions. They teach us, fill our lives with joy and show us unconditional love. A beautiful urn is a tribute and final gift to your beloved pet.”


Co-Founder of Fluff Above

14 years in digital product development, 12 years in business, 5 years in the pet industry

We are committed to the humanization of pets: cats and dogs are full members of the family. And a respectful farewell is a natural and sincere extension of that worldview.


Product development manager at Fluff Above

The ideologist of Fluff Above. 10 years in marketing, 2 years in the pet industry

We design the urns with the idea that they will stand in the interior, the pet parent will see them every day, touch them, children and pets will run around, guests will come to the house... We think through all the interaction scenarios to provide the best product.


Distribution manager at Fluff Above

5 years in logistics management and customer service, 5 years in the pet industry

Our clients share with us heartfelt stories of deep friendships with their pets. Finding a soul mate is a huge gift, and we should celebrate this meeting instead of being sad to say goodbye.

Our Goals Our Goals Our Goals
Our Goal and Mission

We are working to transform the pet memorial market by shifting the focus from grief and sorrow to gratitude for the love these wonderful creatures bring into our lives. Join us on this journey by pre-ordering LLUMI urn and spreading the word about us to your friends whose pets have passed away.

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We are eager to work with artists, craftsmen, pet aftercare services, memorial products sellers and distributors. Please send your suggestions to Nadiia at

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