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World's first pet urns that catch the sun

Preorder an elegant LLUMI pet urn that illuminates the memory of your beloved fluff

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Eco materials

Natural wood, stainless steel, hypoallergenic coatings

High-end design

Contemporary aesthetic shapes and colors that perfectly match your interior

Reflection of a sun

Brightens you with warmth and gently reminds you of your pet

Care and Gratitude

Ethically crafted to honor your pet and respect your feelings

Reflection of a sun: bright, playful, and full of hope

We sought a symbol for all the joyful instances that pets bring into our lives. Every time the sun enters the room, LLUMI will shine brightly, reminding you of your fluff's radiant spirit.

Plaque for engraving a beloved name or dedication

Personalize LLUMI with your pet's name, a special message or a picture to create a unique keepsake. Order an engraving from us or visit your local engraver.

Gentle loading, peaceful sanctuary

LLUMI urn features a two-part design with an inner capsule and an outer decorative shell to protect your pet's peace even in unpredictable situations, such as having playful children or curious guests at home. Its thoughtful loading system adds a personal touch and simplifies the delicate process.

Compare LLUMI to an ordinary urn

Throughout your pet's life, you've given them the best. When it's time to say goodbye, why settle for the first drab urn you see? When we created LLUMI, we poured all our love and tenderness into the design to bring you healing with every glance and reflect the emotions your pet inspired. Unlike ceramic urns, LLUMI is solid. You can be assured of the integrity of the precious contents.

Add a LLUMI soy wax candle to your purchase

LLUMI soy wax candle

Regular price$65.00 Sale price

An exquisite candle that echoes the shape of the LLUMI urn. A perfect addition to your home memory corner.

The candle is made of natural wood and soy wax - nothing but the best. Hypoallergenic, contains no bee products.

Approximate first burn time: 20 hours. Approximate total burn time: 60 hours. Trim wick after each use.

Worldwide delivery

21-day return policy

Free engraving

Created by Pet Parents for Pet Parents

We're pet parents too, so we understand the joy of love and the sorrow of goodbye. That's why we've put all our compassion into LLUMI. Its purpose is to support you in difficult times, bring back fond memories, and add beauty to your home.

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